Meet your your leaders

  • Ruth Louise Sinkeler (Suriname)
  • Mireille Toulekima (Australia)
  • Regina Huber (Germany)
  • Josefina Bonsundy (UK)
  • Ingun Bol (Netherlands)
  • Jay Johnson (USA)
  • Tebello Mokhema (South Africa)
  • Amma Asante (Netherlands/Ghana)
  • Erika van der Mark (Suriname)
  • Mellany Msengezi Mariri (Kenya)
  • Kevin Chaplin (South Africa)
  • Mmabatho Nkambule (South Africa)
  • Jean Luc Josafath (Suriname)
  • Zoya Mabuto (South Africa)
  • Elsabe Trollip (South Africa)

Mireille Toulekima (Australia)

Mireille Toulekima is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, global consultant, executive mentor & coach, international speaker and published author. A petroleum Engineer who gained her experience working for more than 20 years in Africa (Gabon, Mozambique, South Africa, Ghana), Europe (France, UK, Holland), Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia) and Australia (Adelaide, Perth), Mireille is a key enabler with respect to Local Content with expertise in developing and emerging markets. Known globally for being an inspirational woman who enjoys big challenges, Mireille embodies authenticity, leadership, positivity and spiritual strength. She speaks several languages and is an advocate and champion for diversity, education and women in STEM advancement and economic empowerment.

Mireille has published three books. She founded several ventures of which MT Energy Resources, Mireille Toulekima Global Leadership Organisation and STEM Queens Uganda. She seats in the boards of a certain number of organisations among which East Africa oil and gas Australia Ltd and Africa’s largest Trade, Transport and Energy Summit (ATTES). She is the vice chair for non-traditional industries at Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI), a ‘FGM to STEM’ council member at East Africa Community of women in Energy, a Global Goodwill ambassador, the Asia Pacific Female Waves of Change ambassador, an ambassador to the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) and is a member of former New Zealand premier minister Helen Clark foundation (focusing primarily on climate change). In 2018, she developed a leadership system called D.A.R.E. (Decide. Act. Review. Expand) which is the signature of her coaching program and launched The Greatness Engineering Movement, a movement which has for mission to engineer greatness globally in every dimension and helps individuals to become the best that they can be and reach self-actualization.

Mireille is the Host of the global online talk show called The Greatness Engineering Hour show and is the editor in chief of the Greatness Engineering Magazine. She is part of the new waves of women who have embraced non-traditional industries, globalization, innovation and digital disruption and who strive to be the best that they can be, spreading greatness wherever they are. She made it her commitment and personal mission to help others to become the best that they can be and stand in their own shining light to live the outstanding life they deserve and encourage them to have a positive attitude that will serve a lasting legacy.

Regina Huber (Germany)

Regina Huber, Founder & CEO of Transform Your Performance

Drawing from her extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience on 5 continents, Regina is a Transformational Leadership Coach & Consultant for Inclusive Diversity. She is a Global Inspirational Speaker and Author of the book Speak up, Stand out and Shine – Speak Powerfully in Any Situation,
reviewed on HuffPost, the white paper Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Thrive with Maximum Leadership Support, and contributing author to the book Mentors – Collective Lessons for Success. She has a passion for Diverse Leadership, Co-Creation and Dance.

With her signature process, Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT) TM,

Regina focuses on driving fast results for her coaching clients by emphasizing an empowering mindset, their distinctive uniqueness, and a compelling, confident presence, enabling them to accelerate their careers, while making an outstanding contribution to their organizations. She has worked with individual clients and organizations in Africa, Asia/Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

As a multicultural Consultant for Inclusive Diversity, she helps companies leverage their diverse talent and transform their Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Regina speaks five languages and has over 18 years of international experience in the corporate business world, including management positions at The Boston Consulting Group in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. As an entrepreneur, Regina has owned businesses in Argentina, Brazil and the U.S., and she translated 12 books.

Regina is a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Practitioner (C-IQ® by Judith Glaser/CreatingWE Institute for leaders at all levels to navigate successfully through conversation), Senior Faculty at Communication Skills Education Center (CSEC), a Certified Leadership Ambassador at
Take The Lead Women, a member of the Circle of Wise Women of Female Wave of Change, and an
Expert Contributor at SheSource Women’s Media Center. From 2016 to 2019, she was a member of the Financial Women’s Association’s Leadership Team and served as Co-Chair of its Distinguished Speakers
Committee as well as its Executive Leaders Committee. She is the Secretary General of Board of Directors and Executive Global Mentor at UAMDC (UAE-Africa Mentoring Development Consortium), a Global Advisor at The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, and a Global Collaborator at WAVPH
(West Africa Volunteer Project of Humanity). Regina is also a Speaker at NEW Network of Executive Women, the Speakers Coalition and a Member of Women Speakers Association (WSA). In 2017, she supported several initiatives and conferences in Ghana (SOS Jobs4Women Ghana; Africa
Internship Academy) and South Africa (WOVSA – Women of Value South Africa, OnCue). She served as Coach at the 2017 and 2018 Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conferences in Washington, D.C., and is supporting the 2019 AFP Women’s Impact Initiative as a Mentor. In 2018, she was Co-Host and Keynote Speaker at the Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Africa Conference as well as the Get Inspired by Regina event for women in Cameroon; she was on the Midi Life TV Show as well as the
Book Show of CRTV (Cameroon Radio and Television) and interviewed on Princeton TV. She was also featured in Goldstreet Business (Ghana) and Cameroon Tribune. She is a Mentor for women in Tech at
Galvanize Inc NYC (urban campus and workspace for tech start-ups) and she collaborates with several other Africa- and U.S.-based projects supporting female advancement and start-ups.

In September 2017, Regina was featured on Forbes, and in March 2019 on Women2Watch. She has published numerous articles, inc. for Take The Lead Women Blog, Diversity Woman Magazine, Evolve Magazine, Inspire Magazine, and on LinkedIn. In March 2019, she received the Humanitarian Award by Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA).
Through her consulting services, coaching programs, workshops, roundtables, keynotes and interactive sessions for events, she works with companies to leverage their diverse talent and create more inclusive
cultures. Her clients include organizations in Law, Financial Services, Food Manufacturing, Management

Consulting, Interior Design, Media and more.

Josefina Bonsundy (UK)

Josefina Bonsundy Nvumba is the Founder and CEO of Rootencial, a social enterprise promoting and supporting the diversity of Africa and the talent and potential of its communities. Josefina’s passion for diversity and inclusion led her to create this enterprise, leveraging the power of storytelling to build positive and empowering narratives.

Josefina has worked in Cairo, Paris, Sao Paulo, Washington DC and London for both private and public sector organisations. Her multilingual and multicultural abilities have been essential in understanding diverse cultures and building relationships.

As a people person, Josefina brings great enthusiasm, fearlessness, and deep commitment to building cultures where everyone belongs and can be themselves while respecting others. She believes “embracing the authentic self” is the key to unleashing the potential of individuals so their work, talents and efforts maximize results and create inclusive environments.

Josefina is a public speaker and facilitator. She is a Women in Africa Laureate, La Caixa Fellow, 2018 recipient of the African Diaspora Community Engagement Award, and Female Wave of Change WaveMaker for the United Kingdom.

Ingun Bol (Netherlands)

Ingun Bol is an entrepreneurial woman who is always looking for new challenges.
She has a background as an engineer and has a wide experience in mostly Sales and Marketing.
After a career of almost 20 years in a corporate environment, she started her own business in the beginning of 2003.

For the past 18 years she has been an entrepreneur and advisor in different industries.
Ingun is a connector and builds bridges between many organizations and people. She will always choose the human approach and builds futures based on trust, respect, empathy, compassion, equality, diversity, authenticity, sustainability and collaboration.

“In this world of change I believe that each and every person has to take responsibility of their own future, the future of their family, the community and of the world. We are moving from a target driven society to a value driven society where we empower people who will step into their leadership and change the world”

As Founder of Female Wave of Change she is able to connect women worldwide. She is a strong believer that powerful women are the architects of change and women will play an important role in really making change happen in this world. Female Wave of Change aims to connect women, to share knowledge and experience and to create new opportunities together.
As president of the board she leads Female Wave of Change into the future.

Ingun is happily married for 36 (!) years with Peter and the mother of two grown up young women. Since December 2018 little Jaxon made her a grandmother. Being a grandmother made her even more aware that he have a bog responsibility to step into our leadership and build a legacy to be proud of for the next generations.

Ingun loves long walks at the beach, yoga, and spend time with family and friends.

Warm regards,
Founder Female Wave of Change

Ingun Bol de Bock

Jay Johnson (USA)

Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned speaker specializing in behavior and organizational development. Jay has given keynotes and workshops in 19 countries across 4 continents, empowering audiences with a unique perspective on behavior, communication, and leadership. His 2018 TEDx talk that introduced the concept of Behavioral Intelligence as it applies to Dealing with Difficult People has more than 1 Million views and has helped to establish him as an authority on human behavior in the workplace.

Jay works with Fortune 100 companies and national organizations such as Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics, United Way, Consumers Energy, Keller Williams, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Crain Communication, Junior Chamber International, UM Health Systems, the Detroit Chamber, and AmeriCorps. His delivery style is engaging and fun, all while giving audiences immediately usable skills to build stronger relationships, enhance influence, and lead effectively.
Jay holds a Master’s Degree in communications and public relations, is a designated Master Trainer from the ATD, and was twice honored with the Excellence in Training Award by the APCC. He has served in local government as well as an International Vice President for a global NGO. Jay was named “Top Trainer” in 2017, and again in 2019 in a special “All-Star” edition by the ATD Detroit.

Tebello Mokhema (South Africa)

Tebello has extensive background in the fields of Organisational development and learning and development. She is currently employed at Duke Corporate Education as a Project Director. Her previous roles included Director: Projects & Communication, Airports Council International (ACI) Africa and Group Manager: Training, Development & Talent Management at Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA). She has also worked in such as Eskom and Nedbank. In her previous roles, Tebello has participated in regional continental and international forums that aim to address the issues relating to the improvement of skills within the aviation especially airport management arena.

Whilst occupying the official roles with the various organisations, Tebello has also had the responsibility of developing and implementing development programmes for women within the organisations and related industries.

Tebello has obtained a BA Law and BA Honours degrees through the University of Durban-Westville. She has also completed the Management Development Programme through the University of Stellenbosch and Executive Development Programme with GIBS.

Tebello has a passion for development of people and the harnessing of talent within organizations.

Tebello is an avid golfer, a yoga enthusiast, likes dancing, reading, travelling and walking

Why I support Female Wave of Change

“The combination of strength and grace that women of substance bring to the change the world for future generations is what makes me believe in the mission of Female Wave of Change.”

Amma Asante (Netherlands/Ghana)

Ms Amma Assante is Chair of the National Client Council in the Netherlands, where she represents the interest of the clients of social services with regard to care, employment and income. She has dedicated her life to public service. After her Masters of political science at the University of Amsterdam, for a long time she has been an elected member of the City Council in Amsterdam, representing the labour party. Here she was the speaker for diversity and emancipation. 

She was also a member of the Dutch Parliament from September 2016 to March 2017. She was the designated speaker for higher education. Her political activities were always combined with her work in the field of social care domain; asylumseekers; youth services and public health. She has worked on poverty and debt and advised government and public authorities on a myriad of social service issues.

Amma Asante was born in Kumasi, Ghana en grew up in the Netherlands. She is married and mother of two beautiful daughters.

Erika van der Mark (Suriname)

Erika van der Mark is a remarkable, self-driven young lady who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. Her open minded and non– judgmental character serves as a magnet for people’s trust. This quality has allowed her to establish deep connections with people where ever she goes.

Born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Maarten, she has had the privilege of going to school, working with and meeting people of various cultures. Apart from her warm and caring nature, she also has a passion for dance and performing.

Her tertiary education in the Netherlands and professional experience in both Holland and Suriname have allowed her to gain expertise in a number of diverse areas including communication, operations, organizational support and client service.

In 2015, she felt an inner shift within herself and decided to turn her life around. She felt a “Holistic calling” and started to invest in yet more knowledge. She started her education in Life Coaching and quickly specialized in Spiritual coaching. She craved more knowledge and dived into other diverse practices, such as Energy Healing (PH) and Regression Therapy (PLT).

In 2016 she underwent a Vipassana Meditation Retreat; where she practiced silence and mindfulness for 10 days. It was during these 10 days, of silence and
mindfulness; where she gained Inner Peace, a higher sense of Self-Worth and a Mental Liberation that she had never yet experienced.

In December 2016, she founded her company “Journey to Horizon”. She was
inspired to help others create change. With all that she had learned, Erika was
intrigued to find out how spirituality and her newly developed perception could be integrated within the reality of other human experiences.

This is why she started the study Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 2018 and in 2019 she earned her International Master practitioner Certification.
She now combines her early professional experience together with the
aforementioned principles in the services she provides to her clients.

Journey to Horizon is a company that focuses on creating a mental, emotional,
physical and spiritual balance within individuals and organizations.
It is a company that offers a unique mix of services, from 1on1 Coaching, Couple’s Coaching, CEO Coaching, Company Coaching and a various range of workshops.

Not only that, Erika also teamed up with other young professionals within
different sectors to enrich the quality of her services as a whole, while
contributing together to the wellbeing of humanity.

Erika knows that a healthy balanced lifestyle amongst individuals, is essential to the quality of their lives. Therefore, during her services, she maintains a work ethic which is guided by three concepts; Open–Mindedness, Trust and Non–Judgment.

Regina Mutiru (Kenya)

Regina is an author and a connector who is keen on linking people with people, ideas and opportunities and often writes about the innovative opportunities and ideas available in the world of social change. She recently published her first
book, The Connector: The power of social networking that aptly captures six key questions of social networking, who, what, when, where, why and its benefits.

She has initiated several networks like Amani Women Network (AWN) that
links young women peace builders with the policy makers in the industry and
consults on issues Women Peace and Security. In 2018, AWN was awarded the
Diversity and Inclusion Award for Best NGO Program on Cohesion and Peace.

As an accredited member of FemWise – the African Union arm of women
mediators, Regina is a strong believer that when women come together, they can organise and grab a seat at the wider table, and if the table is full, they can
turn around the table and create new tables. “This is what women have done
world over, those conversations by women at ‘chama’ meetings matter, and they contribute to the wider policy conversations”. She continues, “The thing is, when women are at the table, they impact across genders and generations”.

She coordinates the Community Voices for Peace and Pluralism Africa (CVPP)
that builds the capacities of women and other groups in preventing,
transforming and solving violent conflict through an inclusive approach. During her free time, she loves to knit and crotchet.

Mellany Msengezi Mariri (Kenya)

Mellany is a social entrepreneur with a passion of driving economic growth in Africa through empowerment of women. She coaches, mentors and also blogs on pertinent progressive business topics. She is a Marketing Director in a leading Telco in Kenya and a former General Manager Marketing for Econet Wireless, she has lead and managed several successful brands online and offline. She serves in various boards, among them Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation, Mwanasikana Trust. Mellany is an author of a motivational book Hungry for Success available on Amazon and hard copy and she co-authored an international best seller, Breakthrough: Secrets of growth, happiness and bounce backs from women around the world. She is married to one husband, has three boys and enjoys gardening and travelling around the world.  

In 2017 because of her outstanding achievements in marketing innovation, business leadership and empowerment of women she was acknowledged as an Iconic Woman by the All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India.  

Mellany was awarded the Top Marketer Executive of the year 2018 by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, she also came tops as Runner Up in the Proweb Young Professional Leader of the Year 2018.

Mellany serves as the Female Wave of Change Ambassador in Zimbabwe, a global organization that unites women of all walks of life who are changing the world into a better place. 

Kevin Chaplin


Kevin grew up in KwaZulu Natal, spent 10 years in Gauteng before moving to Cape
Town in 2000.

He graduated with a BComm degree majoring in Accounts and Business Economics
from UNISA as well as an Associate Diploma in Banking. He also completed the UCT
Graduate School of Business Executive Management Development Programme.

Kevin was previously Provincial Manager, First National Bank Western Cape and prior to that Sales and Service Director Cape Town; Director Finance, Human Resources & Admin FNB First Commerce Gauteng and National Industrial Relation Manager in Johannesburg. As Sales and Service Director Cape Town he turned the business around from bottom to top performing.

At the end of 2006, after 26 years in banking, Kevin founded the South African Ubuntu Foundation. A few months later he also took over the Amy Biehl Foundation as Managing Director when they were insolvent and he has turned it around into a thriving organization.

In 2014 and 2015, against all odds he built the Amy Foundation Youth Skills Centre costing over R 8 million and fully paid off in 18 months.
Kevin is a resident lecturer for University of Miami, USA. He is also a speaker at numerous local and international conferences, corporate events and universities.

His new book Can do! Making the Impossible Possible, with foreword by Desmond Tutu was released in February 2020. For a recent Book review please click here

Mmabatho Nkambule

Mmabatho Nkambule is the founder and owner of Tshukudu Consulting, a small consultancy with a focus on leadership training, coaching and communications. She has close to 20 years’ corporate experience working in industries ranging from insurance, healthcare, and information technology. She has spent approximately half of that period working specifically in the organisational learning space. Since 2015 Tshukudu Consulting has served clients in the public, non-profit and private sectors.

Mmabatho has extensive experience in setting up and running various mentorship programmes. She is a strong advocate of mentorship and coaching as a way to supportemerging leaders. Between 2015 and 2017 she coached young executives based in different countries across Sub-Saharan Africa as part of a coaching programme for fellows of the U.S.A. government – sponsored Mandela-Washington Fellowship.

As part of her consultancy work Mmabatho created ‘Women in Conversation’, a platform using dialogue for the personal and professional development of women from diverse backgrounds. Her belief is that women have greater impact in their respective areas of influence when they collaborate rather than compete with one another. It is also in this vein that she is the co-host of the Everyday Thriving for Women podcast which is aimed at professional women to help them thrive, rise, and lead at work.

Mmabatho has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and International Politics from the University of South Africa (UNISA). In 2012 she was awarded a scholarship by the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program (HSAFP). This afforded her the opportunity to complete the Program for Leadership Development (the equivalent of an executive MBA) at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

As a way of contributing to her immediate community, Mmabatho serves as a board member for the DreamHouse Workshop for the Blind, a non-profit organisation based in the City of Tshwane.

Jean Luc Josafath

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Zoya Mabotu

Zoya is the Founder and Managing Director of ZoyaSpeaks – an African centred brand that delivers impact by increasing confidence and leadership skills through public speaking.

She is a Professional Speaker, Public Speaking Coach and Facilitator in the Public Speaking and Leadership Development space. She is a two-time Southern African Public Speaking Champion who has represented Sub-Saharan Africa at the World Championships of Public Speaking.
She has a TED talk titled “Using tradition to renegotiate our African identity” and has hosted independent TEDx Women events in Johannesburg. She is the first convenor of World Speech Day Johannesburg (2017) and is a member of Toastmasters International and TED. She is part of the Duke Corporate Education Facilitator Network and has facilitated Presentation Mastery and Leadership Development programmes across multiple industries working with all levels of management within organisations.

She has a passion to see people grow and develop. Most of all, she is committed to assisting women to own the power of their Leadership voice as they take their rightful place in a world desperately needing to take female leaders more seriously.

Zoya holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics & Drama from Rhodes University, a certificate from the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute (TMALI), completed the Nexus Leadership course with the Gordon Institute of Business (GIBS) and is a Worldsview Level 1 accredited facilitator of ‘Purposeful Teams.

Elsabe Trollip

Virtual Assitant

Elsabe Trollip is a PA & Lifestyle Virtual Assistant for creative and visionary women trying to balance multiple ventures and a busy home life. After a long, successful Retail career, Elsabe decided to take her passion for serving and empowering others and start her own business, Elsabe Trollip VA, thereby empowering herself in the process.

Elsabe considers leaving a successful 30-year career to start her own business in a fragile economy at age 54 as one of her biggest accomplishments in life. It was only when she started her own business that she discovered what her true strengths are.

Wife of the word’s best husband and mom to two fur kids, Elsabe lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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